CPA Hire

Cork Crane Hire offer cranes under standard CPA conditions at a competitive daily rate, with a variety of cranes including Mobile Tower Cranes and all terrane cranes from 35t upwards.

Under the terms of the CPA Model Conditions for the Hiring of Plant, the safe operation of the crane and the safety and welfare of its operator are the customer’s responsibility.

The hirer’s and owners responsibilities are defined as follows:

The customer must:

  • Carry out all work in accordance with BS 7121 and LOLER 1998.
  • Provide a competent Appointed Person* who has the knowledge, experience and understanding of all aspects of the lifting operation.
  • Provide a qualified and competent Slinger/Signaller.*
  • Plan the lift and operate a safe system of work.
  • Provide all Method Statements and Risk Assessments.
  • Ensure that the crane hired is of a suitable type and capacity.
  • Check the credentials of the crane hire company and certification supplied.

The Cork Crane Hire Ltd. has a duty to:

  • Provide a crane that is properly maintained, tested and certificated.
  • Provide a competent* operator.

In addition, under standard CPA terms, the customer must provide the following insurance cover:

Loss of, or damage to, our plant whilst on site.

Loss of, or damage to, the goods being lifted.

Continuing hire charges whilst the plant is ‘off the road’ for repairs following damage.

Public liability, injury to operator, injury to other parties, including their property, arising from the crane operations.

*as defined by CPA Model Conditions for the Hiring of Plant.